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DAVE D in the Role of TOM PETTY

Dave D is emerging as one of North America’s premier Tom Petty Tribute Artists.  Most recently he has appeared at the Blue Frog Studios Vancouver, Penticton Peachfest, RAW Artist Ovation Vancouver, Vancouver Island Exhibition, andnumerous Theatre Shows.

He is available in all formats: solo, duo, trio and of course the full band Heartbreaker’s rock and roll experience with his Vancouver based band Perfectly Petty.

A true dead ringer in look, style, sound, and performance, Dave has thrilled and transported audiences with his ability to honor the artist whose music has touched millions of people worldwide for decades. Dave D as Tom Petty embodies the spirit of Tom Petty and performs with a connection to the spirit of rock and roll that Tom Petty was integral in cultivating. Dave D’s performances conjure up the truth of Petty’s music and creates a magic that must be seen to be believed.



Introducing the Band…..


Jordan Burgess Guitar, Harp, Vocals

At 9 years old the guitar became an obsession for Jordan. That obsession along with the drive to improve as a musician still burns strong today. In the early 90’s, Jordan enrolled in the Guitar program at the world renown Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California honing his craft studying multiple genres of music. After the incredible experience in California, Jordan relocated to Vancouver and began teaching music, writing and performing in multiple original and cover bands of varying styles. Today Jordan keeps busy performing as a solo acoustic act drawing from a vast repertoire of music, putting his own acoustic interpretations of current popular music to the hits from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. Continual growth as a musician and keeping up the guitar chops is of high importance as on many occasions Jordan gets the call to fill in on guitar with some of Vancouver’s top working bands.



Paul Fournier Bass & Vocals

Paul started his musical journey at a very young age thanks to his mother’s involvement in a vocal quartet where rehearsals were held at the family home. His musical ear was quickly recognized when he would point out which singers were singing out of key.  He started playing classical guitar with the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of 7. His eventual interest and self-teaching in bass guitar started at the age of 14 years, and has never stopped. He has toured Canada multiple times with many Canadian acts including the Juno-nominated band Rymes With Orange, and thrives playing live with the amazing talent of his fellow musicians he is so fortunate to create with.



Scotty McCargar Drums & Vocals

Scotty McCargar began playing at an early age, hung out in a high school so he could live part-time in the band room and ran away with a touring band at the ‘too young to know better’ age of 17.  After a year and a half he returned home and formed Cactus Juice, a “real band” with his brother and friends.  They took off for rock stardom awaiting them in Toronto.

Scotty starved in Toronto with Cactus Juice, so he moved to Vancouver and joined Strapping Young Lad.  The only job available in the gig was keys/samples and he rocked that keyboard.  After a year of working with SYL, he developed a strong bond with the Kerns’ brothers (Todd, Jon and Ryan) and became the drummer for the band Static in Stereo.  After recording and touring for over two amazing years, he met Bif Naked.  She offered him the job as drummer in her band with a secret identity (Scotty Sexx) and he took it.  Scotty recorded and toured with Bif for six years and in those travels he met up with the house band, Fully Loaded, which performs at the legendary Vancouver night club The Roxy, where he now works as resident drummer Thursday to Sundays.


Craig Dong Keyboards

Craig played his first gig at age 12 influenced by acts such as Elton John, Yes and Pat Metheny. A native of Victoria he moved to Vancouver in his early twenties to attend the Capilano College Jazz-program.  He has played in original bands such as The Rainwalkers , Welkin, Freedom Press and Cory Hawthorne  and the Loners. He is also a veteran of the Vancouver club scene with The Pop Junkies and Does Your Monkey Bite . Craig has extensive studio experience as well composing  soundtracks for the  Knowledge Network. He has recently focused on session work with The Heels, Brian Green and the Rollin’ Trainwreck among others .